I’m a Production Sound Mixer, a tech geek, a storyteller, coffee consumer, and much more. I’m based in the beautiful Seattle Washington and a recent transplant from New York City. I’m a New Yorker and Seattleite, so naturally I enjoy a good bagel and coffee. I’ve always had an interest in storytelling and I love being a part of the process, specifically the person who captures the words.

I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2009 with a degree in film production and bought my first audio kit – a Wendt X4 Mixer going into a Fostex FR2 2 Channel Digital Recorder powering a Sennheiser MKH416 Mic and a single Lectrosonics Wireless. I still have the 416 and Lectro, but I’ve since sold my Wendt and donated my FR2 to my alma mater. I’ve never looked back.

After seven or eight years and too many jobs to count in New York, I packed my car in the summer of 2017 and headed west to Seattle to continue the job I love and look for new adventures. Having lived in New York for seventeen years, I still marvel at the fact that I can drive more than six miles in an hour.

In my spare time, I like drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading about new technology and astronomical discoveries, and playing the occasional video game.