Below are my current rates guaranteed through December 31st, 2019.


Standard 10 Hour Day
$650 per day
Overtime for hours 11 and 12 at 1.5x
$88.64 per hour
Overtime for hours 13 and up at 2.0x
$118.18 per hour

Standard days are based on a 10 hour guarantee at $59.09 per hour, with hours 1-8 billed at 1.0x, and hours 9-10 billed at 1.5x. Labor rate may be subject to change depending on the scope of the job.

Basic Kit Day Rate

Standard: 2 wireless lav mics, boom, and recorder
$350 per day

For more details on what goes into a basic kit, see my related blog post.

Additional Gear Daily Rental

Additional Wireless Lav Mics
$75 day / each
Smart Slate
$50 day / each
Wireless Guide Track to Camera
$50 day / each
Timecode Sync Box
$50 day / each
Comtek IFB Reciever
$25 day / each
Handheld Stick Mic with G3 Wireless
$50 day / each


Payment is due 14 days from date on the invoice.

Files will be delivered at the end of the work day on Client’s computer. I will provide a USB type A card reader. I can transfer the files online, though I will add one hour to the clock.

Client is responsible for parking and all other related expenses.

Job starts at Client’s predetermined call time and ends when all duties to Client are fulfilled including wrapping my equipment and transferring all files.

For jobs outside Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, or more than thirty miles from my home office, time will be tracked portal to portal, meaning the day begins when I leave home and ends when I arrive home or at the hotel. Mileage will be billed at the current IRS rate.

Jobs will be billed at 100 percent labor and gear rate if cancelled within less than 24 hours of the call time and 50 percent within 24-48 hours.

Client is responsible for all insurance and will be held liable for any equipment damaged while performing services to Client.