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Seattle Sound Mixer

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Seattle sound mixer /location sound recordist for film and video.

I am a full time freelancer with a decade of of experience. This includes documentaries, corporate, broadcast, branded content, and commercial work. 

I proudly use gear from Zaxcom, Denecke, Sanken, and Schoeps among others. Want a more complete list of my tools? Then take a look at my gear page.

Also in my spare time, I blog about my work as a Seattle sound mixer.

Available for productions in the greater Seattle metropolitan area and the Pacific Northwest. Ready to travel with my US Passport and TSA Pre membership. 

Not sure what you need? Then drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help you.

I write sometimes too.

March 16, 2020
Sound Devices 888 - A Zaxcom User's Perspective
I’m a Zaxcom user. Just take a cursory look at my Gear Page and you’ll see that brand pop up quite a bit. The Nomad has been my primary recorder since I purchased it in 2012, having been released in late 2011. In those days, a sound mixer would have a mixer such as the Read more...
October 9, 2019
More Thoughts On 32-Bit
Recently, I wrote an article on why 32-bit recording is ultimately superfluous for a location sound mixer. Since publishing it, a few things have happened in the audio world. Zaxcom’s new Nova recorder began shipping, without 32-bit float. This is incidentally on my wish list. Sound Devices announced and began shipping their 833 recorder, a Read more...
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